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Carte Mémoire Samsung 32 GB

(Le 19/10/19 à 13:56 par KOFFI Konan Francis)
Date: 19/10/19 à 13:56
Prix: 10 000 FCFA




SAMSUNG Memory Card Class10 Flash TF Micro SD Card U3/U1 4K 256GB 128gb 64GB 32gb 16GB 100MB/s Microsd Card for Mobile Phone

Brand Name:Samsung   Package:Yes          Type:TF / Micro SD Card             Model Number:EVO Plus

Read/Write Speed:Up 95MB/S -100MB/S       Operation voltage:2.7V-3.6V          Storage temperature:-40℃-85℃

Size:15*11*1mm             Capacity:32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB          32GB Read Speed:95MB/S

64GB 128GB 256GB Read Speed:100MB/S                Gift:Free

Product Description:

Please read carefully. Thanks!!

All products are 100% authentic, original authorization, general agent direcely supplys.

The SAMSUNG has three big production sites: China, South Korea, the Philippines! All products delivery randomly.

Please note:

1. About memory card:

If your order adapter in order, we will send adapter; if not, we don't put it in package.

2.About adapter:

The adapter is speedless.

When you test speed, please use USB3.0 card reader (not adapter) to connect USB3.0 computer interface by H2testw.

3. About SSD:

SSD doesn't inclube SSD holder, SATA cable and screws.


New EVO+ 32GB U1 Class10 speed == Max Read speed to 95MB/s = SDHC

New EVO+ 64GB U3 Class10 speed == Max Read speed to 100MB/s = SDXC

New EVO+ 128GB U3 Class10 speed == Max Read speed to 100MB/s = SDXC

New EVO+ 256GB U3 Class10 speed == Max Read speed to 100MB/s = SDXC

Disponible 32GB

Le prix est à débattre


10 000 FCFA



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